Mongol Road Trip Part II–Darkhan!


After a four-hour bus ride from UB, I arrived in Darkhan and headed over to the home of a friend I’d met at Eagle Fest. The night I arrived was something of a whirlwind that involved a club (MAYBE THIS TIME I’ll…nope. Nope. Still can’t dance), being thanked for respecting Mongolian culture with my braided hair (you’re welcome?), a late night drive up a mountain to eat pretzels and drink beer (because what else are you going to do on a mountain at 1 am?), and a slightly terrifying ride semi-controlled slide down the side of said mountain.

The next day was devoted to wandering around Darkhan.
This included the monastery,
and the giant Buddha,
at which Random Dude on Horse made an appearance.

And there may or may not have been some impromptu sledding down an embankment because sledding.

That about sums up Darkhan–the next day I was off to Sükhbaatar, so stay tuned for that much longer post because I took way more pictures there.

Final thoughts:
When I was told I could come to Mongolia, I was given the option of going to either Khovd or Darkhan. I did absolutely no research and made my decision purely based on geography, but having seen Darkhan, I’m happy I chose to live in Khovd. I had a blast because the people I met were amaze-balls, but the city itself is very big and spread out, and I’m more a fan of those cities that have a higher population of cows than people.


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