HOLY ADVENTURES, BATMAN, Kulturschock! is moving to…



So right off the bat, serious apologies for not keeping my blog updated since I’ve been back in the US. I’ve got a couple more Mongolia posts coming up in the next few weeks but my lack of posting has been mostly the result of the intensified soul-crushing job hunt that has kept me chained to my computer and crying into my bowl of ice cream.

But NO MORE. Because I have a JOB. Technically a (PAID!) internship, but details are the devil! or something. And it’s in LONDON! This calls for ARBITRARY CAPITALIZATION!

I’ll be working for a university doing stuff with their international students. So not in international development, which was my original goal, although the hypocrisy of not getting paid to do an entry-level job helping other people get out of poverty became a bit more than I could stand after 154 failed applications in the field. So, I’m moving into higher education and hoping this sets me up down the line to do a lot of diversity/immigration stuff. We shall see. Also, my new workplace is in a castle, which sets my little American heart to exploding every time I think about it.

I’m leaving Sept 24th, and as is pretty standard for me, I’m flipping back and forth between being desperately, manically excited and desperately, manically terrified. If my history is any indication, we can expect these feelings to intensify in character but shorten in duration until the day I leave, when my second-to-second mood swings will give me the effect of having taken so much speed that I became a Spanish soap opera. And then I’ll get to London and be perfect.

So stay tuned for more Mongolia posts and until then, cheers to old adventures and new ones.