About Me


Name: Tina
Age: 27
Occupation: Driftwood

Hello and welcome to Kulturschock! where the men are men and the cows are everywhere. I’m originally from the New Jersey side of Philadelphia, but I make a point to live as internationally as possible, a sentiment that has culminated in my recent move from Mongolia to the UK where I’m living and working for the time being.

I like llamas, going on adventures, flying kites, and doing things just to see if I can. I believe in sarcasm, shamelessly milking dual citizenship for opportunities, and doing whatever makes you happy–unless “whatever makes you happy” involves chopping people up with an ax, in which case maybe you should take up knitting. I’m scared of ants, zombies, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, so you should probably not put any of those things in my bed if you want us to be friends.

If you’re living in the UK, then why is your blog title in German?

Kulturschock! was originally created in 2008 to document my semester abroad in Germany, hence the name. After college, I moved back to the land of sausage and beer for grad school, reviving Kulturschock! in the process. Three years and one M.A. later, I needed a new challenge, so I looked at a map and asked: “What is the worst decision I could possibly make?” And that is how I came to be in Mongolia: the best worst idea I ever had. Which, unfortunately, is not a very good blog title. Neither is “Monblogia,” which was the only other thing I could think of. So “Kulturschock!” has stuck, and it’ll stay stuck.

Thanks for reading Kulturschock!

Looking for older posts? Previous incarnations of this blog can be found here and here.


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