Contact Me

By email:

By phone:
+976 9545 1135
To call me without paying ridiculous amounts of money, use Skype credit.
Note: If you’re on the East Coast and planning to call me, keep in mind that I am 11 hours ahead of you. Call during your very early morning or your very late night.

By mail:
Тина Жүакийн
Монгол Улс
Ховд Аймаг
Жаргалант Сум
Ховд Их Сургууль
Гадаад Хэл Соёлын Сургууль
Mongolia (via China)
+97670432651 (fax)
+97695451135 (Тина)

A couple things about this address:
1) Please don’t show up here with an ax and a desire to kill me, I don’t live here and you will terrify the librarian.
2) Don’t write my name down, it’s already there.
3) Unless you’re really motivated, it’s probably easier to just copy, paste, and print this.

What I love getting the most is letters, cards, postcards. These make me RIDICULOUSLY happy, and I save all of them and go back and read them multiple times. Letters are love that lasts.

That being said, a couple people have already asked me about sending things that are impossible to find in Mongolia. If you really, truly feel the need, I will happily accept anything and everything and love you forever. Here are some things I’d sell an orphanage into slavery for:

–Dried fruit, especially raisins, cranberries, and cherries.
–Baking soda.
–Gatorade powder packets.
–Hot chocolate powder.
–Spices. Cinnamon, rosemary, garlic powder–basically anything except thyme and basil, I’m good on those. If you want to throw some spices in a plastic baggie and label it, that’s cool too! Just maybe not anything the US postal service will think is anthrax.

Two notes on sending anything larger than an envelope:
Note 1: Use USPS, not anything that will require a signature.
Note 2: It’s technically illegal to send food to Mongolia, although this far west, adherence to the law mostly depends on the bipolar mood swings of the customs officials. From what I’ve gathered, they’re pretty lax about it here in Khovd; however, just to be on the safe side, don’t write down “food” on the customs form. Write “small gifts.”

If you send me a letter, card, or package, I will send you a letter back, I promise! I score 10/10 in everything pen pal-related except handwriting. Sorry for that in advance.


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